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This page design looks great!

Mac build when?

We have one already on Steam! Just purchase here, redeem your Steam key, and you should be good to go!


(english below)

"Sid Meier's: Pirates!"-Lite mit etwas Pixel Pirates und einem Hauch Monkey Island Humor. Macht mehr Spaß als man denkt.

- klares Gameplay, schnell zu erlernen
- Steuerung geht flüssig von der Hand
- Humor und Atmosphäre Sorgen dafür, dass man mehr entdecken will

- keine Hauptquest, Entwicklung der Welt nur über Nebenaufträge
- Schwertkampf ist einen Tick zu schwierig
- Schiffskämpfe oftmals ein DPS-Race


"Sid Meier's: Pirates!"-Lite with a little bit "Pixel Pirates" and some Monkey Island humor. More enjoyable then you might think.

- easy to learn Gameplay mechanics
- easy controlls allow very fast play
- humor and atmosphere make you want to explore more

- no Main-Storyline, world only develops via sidequests
- Sword-fighting a little too hard (a little more time to see enemy attacks coming would be great)
- ship-fights are a DPS-Race for the most part

It says I didn't buy the game? Uh I very clearly did, and have the proof for it, I really hope there's no hindrance to gameplay from it accusing me of getting a cracked version. 

You need to redeem your Steam key. It says this on both the store page and the download page after purchase.

Oh! I'm sorry - I must have skimmed over it. Thank you for the reply :)


Neat. 30 seconds into the game and it accuses me of piracy. Small glitch there?

Sounds right.

What a stupid comment. No, obviously the game was purchased legitimately through their 100% off offer.

It's a joke, because the game is about piracy...

... then you might want to make that more obvious. There's no indication that the game is about piracy from the title, and the statement doesn't come across as a joke, it comes across as one of those typical piracy warnings/admonishments.
I'm not sure how you found it funny.

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??? Did you not read the description at all? Or are you being sarcastic? I sincerely hope it's one of those two, because the only other option is that you're incredibly stupid.

You need to redeem your Steam key. It says this on both the store page and the download page after purchase.

I'm not using the steam version...


You have to redeem the Steam key in order for it to authenticate your ownership of the game. Even if you're not using the Steam version. "The version of the game has custom DRM that requires that you own the game on Steam. It is non-intrusive and simply verifies ownership of the game. Please redeem your Steam key before playing." Perhaps that could've been included in the piracy message though.

See the author's reply


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its vrealy cool