Birds, dolphins, and pretty UI! (Update

New content & features

  • Added facial hair back into the editor
  • Famous captain, "Captain Baby Hands"
  • Dolphins and birds added to scenery
  • New "Quests Completed" Steam stat and leaderboard

Minor changes

  • Discover island screen, show prompt to continue
  • New notification UI
  • New dialogue UI
  • New cutscene letterbox
  • Improved point of interest system (quest arrows) to support unique IDs
  • Travel system improved to allow custom modifiers to the battle occurrence chance

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Pausing during travel/battle screen would cause issues with the music (overlapping and such)
  • Mouse no longer draws behind GUI
  • Fixed the draw order of a lot of various GUI elements
  • SoundFX and Ambience are now paused/resumed when game is paused/resumed (previously was just music)
  • Sky lightrays weren't spawning after the initial room simulation
  • Quest arrow wouldn't disappear after initial dialogue with character for the quest, "Bad Soil"
  • Port option hidden from quick menu before quest "A New Beginning" is completed


Don't Sink v0870 (Windows).zip 65 MB
Mar 31, 2018
Don't Sink v0870 (Linux).zip 65 MB
Mar 31, 2018

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