The 3D Update

This is the first major update for SpritePile and with it I've introduced real 3D! It's purely for viewing purposes but gives you a much more precise view of your sprite stack. This may later evolve into 3D model outputs but for now, it's just there to benefit your creative process.

And with that I present the changelog!

  • Copy pasting layers between projects can cause a crash
  • Starting a new project resets the project name and prevents overwriting your previous project
  • Forward/Backward onion skinning no longer causes crashes
  • Onion skinning alpha scale now applies correctly
  • Rewrote floodfill to prevent recursion crash
  • Pencil preview does not always fill to the end of the line
  • New 3D view, toggle within the preview window
  • Optimized lots of code with YAL's GMHyper (coming soon)
  • Preview window, right mouse to spin view

The demo and the documentation have been updated so give it a go for yourself if you haven't yet!

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